Orange-Cinnamon Room Diffuser

990.00 ฿

Room Diffuser is a natural scent that sifts into the air create a unique aroma in your room.

The area will have a refresh smell that will refill your souls leave you feeling breezy.

You can bring the oil to the diffuser machine in your room by putting 5-6 drops of oil in the diffuser machine and filling it with water. The start machine will fill the room with its aroma.

Orange essential oil makes you feel refreshed, relaxed, it reduces depression and it contains antiseptic properties. Cinnamon essential oil decreases inflammation, increases circulation, relieves depression and fights free radicals.

40% pure essential oils formula

  • No artificial colours
  • Fragrance-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Mineral oil free






Clove oil, Cinnamon oil, Orange oil, Denatured Alcohol