All WAN WAAN products contain
natural ingredients with pure essential oils
which bring great benefits to our customers.

Dermatologically tested
No artificial colour
Paraben free
Mineral oil free


WAN WAAN in Thai refers to days long ago that are remembered through memories and stories. Such moments are recalled through various stimuli that invite an individual to take a personal trip down memory lane. These memories can be triggered by various stimuli: looking at an old photograph, the feeling of one’s surroundings, hearing a song, or smelling a familiar scent. Such stimuli help us return to those days now past – pure nostalgia.

WAN WAAN stresses the importance of the stories behind a scent. Even though a scent doesn’t have a shape or a colour, and even though its smell cannot be touched, we acknowledge that certain aromas can still have a direct effect upon our emotions, feelings and memory recall.

A pleasant scent can evoke a positive mood within a person. We can feel secure and at peace. Or stimulated, energized and excited. It can take us back mentally to places from the past. It is the understanding that scents have unique connections to memories and feelings that is at the heart of our brand.

We have gathered, assembled and curated scents through careful selection of pure essential oils and also created new scents and new fusions of aromatics to evoke even more feelings, emotions and memories. Our natural products are gentle on all skin types, however sensitive.